Residential Appraisals

Each year millions of Residential real estate appraisals are prepared by State Certified Real Estate Appraisers in this country. Historically, most have been prepared on single family residences which have been the predominant legal vehicle for titling Residential properties. Over the past four or five decades this has changed. Townhouses, Condominiums and Cooperatives have taken over a larger part of the Residential real estate market. People who may have not otherwise been able to afford their own home, have found that they not only can afford to own their own home, but might also be able to own a multifamily home in locations more convenient to them than that of a single family home. The appraisal of both single family and multifamily homes requires the expertise of a competent professional.


Condo appraisal or condominium appraisal has grown extensively in the last 10 years as populations surge and cities need for housing density grows. A condo appraiser will consider condo assocation dues, services provided, and of course location, condition, and size when completing a condo valuation.

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Cooperative appraisal or co-op appraisals are similar to condominiums but more restrictive in nature as the cooperative is usually a corporation and the unit owner or shareholder shares in a percentage of overall expenses that affect value.

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Historic property appraisal and valuing historic homes often takes into consideration many restrictions and tax benefits placed on these properties once listed on the historic register.

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Single Family

Single family appraisal and the valuation of the single family home ranges from single to complex depending on location, lot size, and architectural design.

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Small Income

Small income property appraisal or 1 to 4 unit property valuations can include duplex appraisals, triplex appraisals, or quadplex appraisals for small income producing properties.

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Townhouse appraisal and town home appraisal involves valuing the bundle of rights where the tenant owns the land but shares some rights with other tenants.

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