RevuPro Appraisal Review

In today’s regulatory environment, Appraisal Reviews are more important than ever. In many cases Appraisal Reviews are mandated by regulations. In others, clients will choose to secure Appraisal Reviews in an effort to demonstrate due diligence, where otherwise a Review would not be required.

ELLIOTT® offers a suite of evaluation products which we call “Pro Products”. One of the more important components of our Pro Products is “RevuPro”. RevuPro is a product proprietary to ELLIOTT®, developed from our more than three decades of “appraisal know how” and “technological expertise”. RevuPro is a web based Appraisal Review Form designed to deliver professional and efficient Appraisal Reviews to our clients looking for quick and economical solutions to the Review process.

We offer RevuPro service within in all fifty states of the United States. Our fees are competitive and the turn time is quick. Call one of our Client Service Representatives for a no obligation RevuPro consultation.

Shorter Turn Times

Because Pro Products cut down on the time spent in the reporting phase of the appraisal process and eliminate most of the fluff and filler in conventional reports, the delivery schedule can be shortened considerably.

Lower Cost

Because appraisers can spend less time producing the actual report, the cost of Pro Products when compared to conventional appraisals is typically less.

USPAP Compliant

All of our Pro Products are designed to be USPAP Compliant, while delivering industry leading relevant analysis.

RevuPro Brochure and Sample Report